1kg Irish potatoes at Farmula = Sh120.0

32kg Onions at Farmula = Sh3600.0

1kg Onions at Farmula = Sh120.0

120kg Irish potatoes at Farmula = Sh3800.0

Price Model Prediction

At Farmula, we have designed a price prediction model to help stakeholders in the agricultural sector get access to future prices of produce and use that information to plan purchases better.

Our model leverages on key factors including weather, supply & demand.
You can currently test our price predictor for Potatoes in Kenya.

Predicted Prices
Date Produce Predict Price (KSH) Average Price (KSH) Relative Error %
2019-01-01 Irish potatoes 2013.00 2323.00 13.34
2019-02-01 Irish potatoes 2028.00 2121.00 4.38
2019-03-01 Irish potatoes 2471.00 2252.00 9.72
2019-04-01 Irish potatoes 2469.00 2660.00 7.18
2019-05-01 Irish potatoes 3877.00 3840.00 0.96
Price Prediction Model
Predict Potato Price