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About Us

At Farmula, farmers earn more while buyers spend less.

We achieve this by making pricing more transparent for farmers and provide buyers with access to farmers who have the produce they want.

How It Works


Post your demand

Buyers post demand by simply posting here, calling our order number, sending us a message on text / Whatsapp or dialling our short code.


Get matched to supply

Buyers are matched to affordable produce of great quality and the order is confirmed.


Last mile delivery

Watch your produce come to you under 24 hours.

Why farmula?

Farmula is the answer to increased revenues for farmers and less costs for buyers. We understand the problem in a way that no one else does and we use technology to deliver value every single time.


Best bargains

We know you want the best price everyday. So, we provide you with price from various markets daily so you can choose the most affordable.

Remote Purchase

With our existing partnerships with transport companies, we make it possible for you to purchase produce from the farm without having to go to the farm.

Price forecasting

Why wait for prices of produce to go up and affect your purchases when we can tell you what the price would be tommorow.

Quality Check

You normally have to check quality at the market or deal with losses when bad quality produce comes to you. Farmula saves you the hassle by ensuring your produce achieves high quality always.

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